Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bacon Rasherss :)

Tonight I'm staying round my friends house,
Ashleigh, so i'd thought maybe to make this
post a bit different for all you'sss, so i'd do an
extra long blog of my style on moi &&
Asherrs :).

Right, so for my outfit, i'm wearing my
daddy's old work shirt from next and a high
waisted denim skirt (Ash's). I am also
wearing my lace black socks from the boxing
day Next sale with my beloved, gorgeous
worker boots. My hair is yet again back brushed
and matted so i will have to spent some time
de-knotting tonight ladiesss && gents.

The other person in these pictures is my
friend Ashleigh. She is quite tall and has
good curves so i wanted an outfit that
would compliment her figure and her legs.
Whilst rummaging through her over-loaded
closet, i came across this rock styled beaded
tee from river island. I also found a 'simple &
sweet' striped skirt from Topshop and thought
she could rock this combo. The black flower
patterened tights are also from the one & only
Topshop joined with my size 5 worker boots. I
thank her for squeezing into them as she is a size
8! I gently back brushed her hair and tied her fringe
back. She rocked this combination. Leave a comment
and let me know what you think of both, mine and
ashleigh;s outfits :)

Love && Peace xx

Monday, 28 December 2009

Darkness,frills..... and the shoes.

I wasn't quite sure what to do for an outfit
today and personally, i think its a bit boring
but still quite edgy. I thought Lace & Dark
for my outfit so im wearing Mummy's
black vintage lace top combined with a H&M
purple frilled skirt (GOTTA LOVE IT) and a
green and navy blue chequered primark blazer.
We did hack away at the sleeves of this cute
blazer but they are now only half length
which looks a lot more stylish & rugged
giving a 'laid back' look. I am also wearing
some worker boots from river island, (yes
quite pricey but a must have) teamed with
some Next black lace patterned socks which
i found in the sale for only £4.
Let me know what you all think :).
Love && Peace x <3

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


So ladies && gents, today i thought i would focus on my
hair. i have very quickly just pulled it back and used one
of them big spider clips to keep it all there. I messed it up
as you all know, i HATE prim && proper!!!. The hair style
took me only minutes so all you lovely ladies can do it too!
the hair band was a scarf that i hacked at and just tied it
lightly around my head. Would you believe i got this from
a charity shop for the amazing price of only 50p!? AMAZINGG!

Apologies to all of my viewers! I've had a powercut and
taking pictures of my outfit was impossible as the camera
is with my mother at work.. Don't worry though, i will keep
you all updated with my outfits and will do an extra long post
for todays outfit. Love && Peace.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Birthdayyy Bum

This outfit is very american prep && sweet which was
the look i was aiming for...
This knitwear pull-over was a present from my
sister, big chunky knits are soo this season. The black high
waisters that i am wearing have big black buttons which i
LOVE, with my home made tights which i also absolutely LOVE
and can be worn with almost anything. I am yet again wearing
THE worker boots. They are just TOO cool for words.

Okayy on a different note... my hair! i have choosen a very 1990's
school girls look. I have used a thin elastic hair band to tie just
my fringe into a ponytail, letting the rest of my hair down and
back brushed. Ooo soo very 90's!

Vintage MAD!!

This is the absolute winter wonderland outfit.
80's vintage fur coat from ebay for £4.50...yes
ladies you read that right, no mistakes..£4.50!
!! The ripped tights were created by moi, easy
peasy!! The jumper is from the local charity
shop...amazing what you can get in there!!
The beautiful clock was a 16th birthday present
from my best friend. Its gold with blue gem stones
around it and i cannot stop wearing it!! The
wonderful worker boots are admittedly from
River I, but look really worn down and cool.


My First Post...

I really like this outfit as its simple yet effective and edgy,
even though it was blooooody cold!
This blazer is from Primark ladies :) but the sleeves have
had the chop, now adapted to roll up 3/4 length's. The
lace bodice is again from Primark at a bargain price of only
£4!!! This gorgeous silk netted skirt is from H&M, teamed
up with rolled down black socks and the cheap copy of YSL (R.I.P)
cage boots....new look £20!
Most of these gorgeous clothes belong to my lovely jubbly
sister, Samantha. All my friends adored this outfit as it
was something that they could replicate.

This is my first post about the outfit i wore to my best friends 16th, my elderr samantha helped me choose this outfit with her AMAZZIIING fashion ideas however my mother did not approve...