Friday, 29 January 2010


I know i havent done an outfit post in like a few days, so
im REALLLYYY sorry! i will update monday night, i
promise. i will write it in my school organiser!!
Still having issues with some boys which is a bit
of a joke because i cant be bothered to care for them
ANYMORE. :l, my room is nearly clean and my brain
is nearly sorted from all coursework that is due in on
22nd of feb. :O it will be done but.. :O!!!???
If theres anything you lot want to see on my blog
which i havent done before, then just pop me a
message :). Rightyho. Im off to my dads now,
ill be stuck on the m25 thinking about my next
outfit update so watch out!!!

Have a nice weekend. Is anyone doing anything nice
this weekend?
Let me know



Wednesday, 27 January 2010


sorry everyone but im not going to do an outfit post today. ill do one
at the weekend most likely, i just have a heap of history coursework to
do AND graphics. Ive had such an FML day. Boys...well i think im going
to give up very soon with their species. Its something i think no one
is ever going to understand. Why most boys are idiots :) wow,
i feel alot better writing this. Let me know how everyone's week
has been :)



Monday, 25 January 2010

I steal too much of my families clothes. :) cheeekkkyyyyyy!

Hey everyone, ive been editing a few pictures
i just quickly took. let me know what you think
as i am going to do a BIG BIG shoot with all
my friends. YAY AY! A girl named Laura
left me a message in my Cbox about this
website called and how
its easier to edit and doesnt much up your
comp like Photoshop does. So thankyou!!!!
Wow ive had a weird day! just felt quite quiet
in school today. Work is getting me down. And
i really miss my boyfriend BUT im seeing him
tomorrow :). YAY! Anyway, back to fashion!!
In these edited pictures, im wearing a long black
leather jacket which is my stepdads and some
tinted stocking/hold ups which are my stepmums
:) The headband is a thin scarf which is my mums!
WOW, this has made me realise JUST how much
of my families clothes i take! :) In the bottom pics,
i am wearing my OWN crop navy hoody from Topshop,
and my stepmums hand me down summer dress. She
bought it in a charity shop, THIRY years ago for 50p.
ME LIKEY!!! oh and the flowers are some lilies i got
mum for her birthday a while back :) i will put it back!!!
Let me know what you think and i will try and get back
all of you as soon as i can!!!
p.s im stuck for valentines day, want to do something
really special!!! let me all know what you have planned
or what someone has planned for you, (if you know).
My boyfriend might be skiing so ill be in my room watching
saw by myself if he is. I LOVE SAW.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Faux fur? YES PLEASE!

Ive found this goregous coat off the internet and im
thinking im going to need one! i love love love love it!
I need to go on a major shopping trip :).
Im a bit peed off with boys at the moment and im
trying so hard to something fun with the girlies, so
...most of them have agreed to do a shoot for me when
i can get Photoshop downloaded (to give it a vintage stained
efect). I will use them all and dress them myself and do their
hair, make up and decide on certain poses and where the
shoot is going to be. So look out for it, im hoping to get it
done within two months depending on my workload ;)
Let me know what you think of the coat. purchase? or no
purchase? HELP!
Love && Peace

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


The Gorgeous Blogger award
me this :) Thank you Abbie!!! It's my first award
EEE! :) It;s so nice to know that someone is
enjoying my blog.
The rules:
1)Thank the person who nominated you.
2)Copy the award and place it on your blog.
3)Link to the person who nominated you for
this award.
4)Tell 7 interesting things about yourself.
5)Nominate 7 bloggers
6)Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
Interesting things about me...
1) I LOVE the twilight saga, who doesn't?!
2) my school uniform consists of brown
blazers and ankle-length skirts.
3) I want to write a book about events
in my life but change it to a fairytale.
4) I really want to meet Stephanie Meyer,
the author of the twilight books.
5) I really want some baby sharks when
i'm 18 :)
6) I'M IN LOVE with hedgehogs! They are
sooo cute!!!
7) I have fallen asleep next to my Alsation,
and she rested her head against mine.
The nominations....
I love ALL of your blogs :)
i know i havent completed it, im sorry
i feel really ill everyone, but these were the
ones that i have been addicted to lately :)
Love && Peace

What A Week AYE?!

Hey everyone! thought that today would be a longg post :)
Hope you don't mind!
Okay, so to start my week, I had my blooming Science
module and i had another one today! FAIL! AND,
i've been quite ill with a lump in my throat and swollen
glands so when i had escaped the exam room, i went
straight home and into bed (with THREE DUVETS).
Not a good start! BUT, on monday, i went to do a photo
shoot for my elder sister Sammy @ Wehearttoastparties
and her uni friend, Abbie. They dressed me up and i was
their doll for the night. i've put up a few pictures because
i do like the outfits so much! And all the clothes that i
modelled were gorgeous. So jealous!!! It's being made into
a magazine called Nylon (their uni project) and im getting a
copy from the group as a thankyou :)
The theme was Festivals so eash outfit represents a different
festival and the one were i was holding a 40 was me celebrating
the 40 year anniversary of the V-fest! (i think)
Let me know what you think of the outfits and which one is your favourite
and i will let Sam && Abbie know.

p.s. (im sorry i dont know how to do links yet!)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sex Pistols :)

YAY i've found my camera lead therefore i can finally
live again :). I did a shoot last night for my sister and her
uni friends and ooo it was FUN! i might be uploading a few
when i can my hands on 'em so watch out :).
These were taken when my camera lead came back
to my possession and after the shoot at about half 11.
I was tired and the outfit isn't amazing but its still
something to put up, and i am currently in LOVE with
this top. I know this might sound a bit strange but
its my stepdad's old sex pistols shirt and he gave me it
so i thought i would make great use of it. I am also
wearing a pair of shimmered stockings..gotta love it.
I know its not winter wear but i thought that it would
be quite cool to wear in the summer. OH YES. i am
preparing early this year girlies!
Let me know what you think of the stockings look...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Snow days!!! and centerparcs! :)

This picture i JUST found from our girly trip to
centerparcs, its quite random to put it in with a snow
day post but i just HAD to put it in!!!
We went for a nice bike ride around the woods
and as per usual, mum wanted to take some
pictures. This picture is of me and my big sister,
Laura or as we call her.. Lau. I wore my
Primark knitwear cardi with a nice warm
grey M&S hoodie. I am also wearing some
denim frayed shorts (they cant be seen in
this picture! sorry!) with some brown/grey
tight paired up with some plimsolls. For my
hair, i just back brushed it a little once i had
washed it and put a gold chain hairband
around where my hair line starts. ( A little
hip you might think, but i think its still
quite cool). Centerparcs is GREAT! cant
wait to go back there in the summer!
ThE second part to this post is all about
the SNOWW! :')

SNOW! finally, ive managed to find SOME
pictures to upload! i still cant find my camera
lead. SORRY GUYS! so i'll have to get a new
Okay, so in the first picture, (im on the
left) i'm with one of my best friends Ash. She
has been my clothes model for a previous
post if you recognise her :). I am
wearing the river island panda
hat and my boyfriends osaka hoody
(WARM!)This was for a 'end of mocks'
party at a mates house and it started to
heavily snow outside at about midnight,
so we all went out to enjoy it!
In the other pictures, I am with my friend Alice &&
her little sister and her best friend. This was on
a snow day as we only had 50 minutes of school!
What a joke ehh?!
We found a..very steep hill and went sledging down it.
FUN STUFF!!! In these pictures, I am wearing
my new look watermelon coloured coat with
plenty of layering with my blue skinny
jeans ( a bit too skinny, dont you think?)
and my beloved worker boots. They are perfect
for this weather too! So for my dad, all in all
it was a great purchase!
Let me know what you all think!

Monday, 11 January 2010


i have been MEGA busy doing work and revising for science
modules so i have had no time to actually get an outfit post
done! I am going to try my hardest to get it done tommorrow
as i havent done one in a while! so watch out for my next post
as its going to be a good one me thinks!

Right, i wanted peoples advice!. i am going to thorpe
park very soon and i would like all of your ideas
for a nice, warm outfit that will be suitable for a
good day out! i have a few ideas in mind, but
i'd LOVE to hear some of your ideas, so i can get
an idea of everyones fashion, PLEASE COMMENT!
and i will get back to you very soon on your blog
or email if u leave it at the bottom of your comment!

Love && Peace


Wednesday, 6 January 2010


HELLO EVERYONEE!!! :) sorry i havent posted anything this week, ive been up to my neck in coursework!!! i shall update very soon though, so keep coming back and checking!

The snow has been very on and off these past two weeks but today, i got sent home at ten because there was too much of it! LUCKY ME! so im off to go sledging with my friend and to make a snowman.
Im finding it quite hard to find an outfit thats edgy and cool yet really cosy and warm, (sure ill find something) ill take some pictures of today's outfit, and now i have some time today, and upload them as soon as i can. :)

i have also been featured on the London--Rose blog this week after doing some modelling for my sisters friend Hannah, so check it out, shes done some AMAZINGG work :)

Love&&Peace...and just a little bit of snow., it makes us all that little bit more happier dont you think?