Sunday, 11 April 2010


I GOT IT WORKING!! thankyou for the advice
everyone!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.
So heres an update of what i have been doing.
In the top two pictures, me and my cousin went
to Thorpe Park for her birthday AND i managed
to drag myself onto saw. AHHH I LOVED IT!
mum took some pictures of us on the ride and
we are sitting at the back and my cousin is in
the far left corner and im next to her :) scary stuff

I took these a while ago, but i couldn't upload them!
So, im wearing my daddys old blue and white striped work
shirt from next with my high waisted leggings from topshop
and the famous wellies :) I am wearing some black ray bans
from primark for £1 [BARGAIN!] and i quickly chucked my
hair up in a ponytail, the usual mess! i also am wearing a heart
chain, i dont know where it is from :)

This is a picture of me and my friends :) It was a beautiful
day so we all went to town. I am wearing my sisters big arse
turqoise knit wear jumper from the charity shop she said,
with a black bodycon skirt from topshop and some grey,
opaque tights with my worker boots and the bargain sunglasses.
Sorry about the lack of blogging! and ive just broken my camera.
FML. so i will find another way :) hope you are all well and enjoying
your easter!!!!!

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  1. yesss i love the saw ride! brilliant! we went on it like 6 times in a row! :)
    and you look stunning as that turquoise jumper of sammis. how do you do the photo effects in the first two pics of you? amazinggg xxx


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