Wednesday, 31 March 2010

OMG. brick lane rummage sale?!

On saturday and sunday, there is a
rummage sale on at brick lane!
prices start at a pound and it sounds great!
i should be going with a friend, rachel
and im very much so looking foward to it
i have little money yet i really think just
going will be a great experience!!!
a lot of vintage cheap sales going on,
so i think you should all head on down!!
sorry about the lack of blogging,
stress of work etc!!! shall do plenty
over easter for you all and when i
hopefully can get my hands on
some batteries!!!
i think that is the link!!!!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

down week! golly gosh!!

Afternoon, so ive been so ill for two days!! bad times!
ive been quite flu-y. But today i decided to get out
of bed and do a post! im sorry its been so long, ive
been up to my kneck in work and a lack of internet
connection! haha!
So today, i decided to wear a knitwear tank top which
i got for my birthday and a stone washed denim
shirt from primark. I am also wearing some opaque
stockings which i stole from my stepmum :) These are
are also teamed with my famous painted wellies.
I got some black ray-ban styled sunnies from primark
for £1.00!!! had to have them!!! a neccessity for summer
dont you agree?!
well i hope you have all been well! been up to anything this

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


My big sister Sammy, from Living-in-
Sin [click here] told me about Pippa from
Clashing Time and how she has a new
anti-bullying blog. She is such a GREAT
blogger, her fashion is simply amazing
to put it in a few words and this idea of
an anti-bullying blog is inspiring. Many
people get bullied and abused through
'anonymous' comments. I havent had
any haters...yet and i have witnessed
comments from 'anonymous' to various
people via the internet and its pointless,
rude and shows how bored someone is.
Good on you Pippa, and i will try and get
you as many supporters for your anti-
bullying blog.
heres the link to her anti bullying
blog, please everyone visit.



Monday, 15 March 2010


So here are some pictures of lauras party. it was a good
night :). had a little too much to drink me thinks but it was
a really good night.
the moustaches do not bloody stick that well and it was a
bit annoying but hey :).
I hope you all like the outfits, and soon im going to do
a give-away because i really have appreciated all the
comments and followers. Your comments made me smile

Saturday, 13 March 2010


my middle sisters 18th birthday today
and i thought
that i would dedicate this post to her.
Shes having a party at home with a few
people and its fancy dress so me and sammy
from Living In Sin blog [Click here to see] are
going as 118 118. Bearing in mind we home made
these tops, i think we did a pretty good job :).
The head bands were also home made as we hacked
a big top :). We bought the moustaches of course.
We are really excited espechhh laura :).

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

your blue eyes and that blonde hair...

WELL. what a dull day. School is ..'schoolish'
(compliments of the blonde, i hope this
is obvious enough for you
;)) BUT, i have
thorpe park coming up innnnn a 11 days,
and a party. :) Sorry its a small post, i have
honestly disliked most of the pictures i took
and no amount of editing could fix them.
in the first picture, i thought i would be
REALLY immature and have a picture in
the bath, i mean ..why not? this is what
home alone+boredom does to you!
You can't really see much of my outfit
but i am wearing a vintage turqoise beaded
top (LOVE), denim ripped shorts, which you
cant see, but dont worry i am wearing them!!
I also thought i would be a bit daring and wear
some stockings and suspenders. I know i know
i will get hate mail about this being
Hannah from London--Rose's look or copying
Taylor Momsen but everyone, its just
an outfit and i have just played around with this
idea. Both Hannah and Taylor have inspired me to
try this out :).
I have paired the stockings with some black socks
and black velvet wedges from new look. Oh yes,
i love!. i also have a feather in my hair dangling
down but im not sure how visible it is :(.
In the last picture: i am wearing a sorbet pink
dress from New Look and a chain that belongs
to my sister. i found it in her room, dont know
what its for or where its from. but me like!!
my hair is just pulled back and messed up, the
usual bush it is.
i hope you like this mister!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

'im allowed to be a manwhore' pft. you blew it.

have you ever met an absolute idiot who
you can honestly wish never walked into
your life? i think we all have at some point,

but hey :)
still smilinn'. silly boys eh.
well onto some good news....

My big sister sammy is hommee! YAY
GOOOOOOD TIMESSS :) ( her blog is 'Living-in-
Sin') and she has brought back clothes so we are
planning to do a joint shoot hopefully later on
tonight. IF we can get some batteries for my
camera and IF we can steal my mothers laptop
to edit the pictures and uploaddd!!! so keep an eye
out on her and my blog.
This is very random, but i had a really good day
today with my friends at school, havent honestly
laughed that much in aaaaages :')
I love my friends a lot a lot a lot.



Saturday, 6 March 2010


YAY, ive recieved another award from sammy
Thank you sooo much!!! You should all definately
check out her blog, its great and so cool and i envy
her! :)
So here are the rules:
1) When you have recieved this award, you must
thank the person that awarded you this in your new
2) Name ten things that make you happy. use
pictures if you wish!!!
3) Pass this award onto 10 other bloggers and inform
the winners.
And now, this is me following the rules!!
So thankyou once again sammy! Its so nice to get
an award to show that people do like your blog and
what you put up! :D
My ten favourite bloggers are:
Check them all out, they are amazing!!!
So my ten favourite things i like to do;;
1) I LOVE to go out with all my friends
espechhh the girlies (like last night)
2) when im really hyper, i love to dance
on my own and just run around my house
(yeah slightly immature but WHO CARES!)
3)i like to go for long strolls in summer with my
friends and just lie down in the fields.
4) i really enjoy updating my blog and getting feed-
back from everyone, espechh the REALLY lovely
5) i am addicted to Krispy Kreme donuts!!!!
6) my friends, i couldnt do much without them,
Rachel, Ash, Fi, Sam, Emma, Charlotte, Jess, Zoe,
Lucy, Alice,Yolly and all of you lovely people!!!!
7) My sisters and my family. I love my sisters
as they help me through a lot and take care of me
seeing as im the youngest. love you sammy and lau!
8) i love twilight!! yes yes TEAM EDWARD no
actually TEAM JACOB! oh both will do!
9) i do enjoy a good lay in on saturdays :)
just like i did today, mmmm its goooooood!
10) ANCHORMAN!!! (L)
thankyou once again to sammy from living
in sin, much appreciated!!!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Hello everyone,
Right, I really did not know what to chuck on
today but i thought i would do an outfit post
so heres my new jumper (YAY). Ive wanted it
for so so so long and finally i have it!!!. I also
got extremely bored so i thought hmmm ill do
an outfit post today :).

In these pictures, i am wearing my horsey jumper
from Topshop and teamed it with a cute bow knecklace
from Accessorize. I am also wearing some plain black
leggings from topshop and my good ol' 'art' project

I am really into Alexander Wang's plaits at the moment
so i thought i'd quickly tie it into a plait and mess it up,
as per usual :)

So, onto the bag. I was rummaging in my mothers room,
because im a rebel like that ;), and i found this bag. I
remember we took it to Nice, France with us and its
really a beach bag, but i love it so i couldnt resist to sneek
it into my room so it would never be seen by my parents
again :).
Let me know thoughts on the bag :)


P.S. Quilted Jackets.
My friend, Lewis King, has one,
and i love it on him, it looks really good
but im not sure if it just looks good on guys
rather than girls? I really want one and i
dont know if it would be a good investment?!


Monday, 1 March 2010

A kiss with a fist is better than none...

What a week :) You know, one of them in
general pretty good weeks. Ive discovered
a lot in this week. I have a crush on the young
Matthew Broderick (Ferris Beullers Day Off),
im amazing at making cupcakes and topshop
just wants my money. ALL THE TIME!.
Mum took me shopping on friday night which
was lovely and dad took me out to maidstone
the next day. Dad got me the Florence and the
Machine album which i cannot stop listeningt to,
definatly a GOOD buy!
So, back to the clothes, Im wearing all my new
purchases in these pictures.
The top picture is of my new album, thanks to
papa :)
I got a new sweatshirt from topshop which i love!
its warm and cosy and extremely cool :)
Also, i got a grey elasticated high waisted skirt.
In all fairness i did need one! Everyone needs a high
waisted skirt! (The crop top is also from topshop, but
it was bought quite a while ago) I have paired this outfit
with some cracked painted wellies which was my art
project in year 9 but i couldnt be bothered to finish it.
good olll art eyy?
And last of all, im wearing my new navy bluev lycra dress.
Yes, its a bit short but i love the bows at the back, its really
comfortable aswell which is always good!
I meann....who doesnt? (;
Example-won't go quietly
kesha-blah blah blag
Florence and the Machine-Kiss with a fist
- Dogs days are over
- You got the love
and the rest!!!