Tuesday, 9 March 2010

your blue eyes and that blonde hair...

WELL. what a dull day. School is ..'schoolish'
(compliments of the blonde, i hope this
is obvious enough for you
;)) BUT, i have
thorpe park coming up innnnn a 11 days,
and a party. :) Sorry its a small post, i have
honestly disliked most of the pictures i took
and no amount of editing could fix them.
in the first picture, i thought i would be
REALLY immature and have a picture in
the bath, i mean ..why not? this is what
home alone+boredom does to you!
You can't really see much of my outfit
but i am wearing a vintage turqoise beaded
top (LOVE), denim ripped shorts, which you
cant see, but dont worry i am wearing them!!
I also thought i would be a bit daring and wear
some stockings and suspenders. I know i know
i will get hate mail about this being
Hannah from London--Rose's look or copying
Taylor Momsen but everyone, its just
an outfit and i have just played around with this
idea. Both Hannah and Taylor have inspired me to
try this out :).
I have paired the stockings with some black socks
and black velvet wedges from new look. Oh yes,
i love!. i also have a feather in my hair dangling
down but im not sure how visible it is :(.
In the last picture: i am wearing a sorbet pink
dress from New Look and a chain that belongs
to my sister. i found it in her room, dont know
what its for or where its from. but me like!!
my hair is just pulled back and messed up, the
usual bush it is.
i hope you like this mister!!


  1. you know what i have actually really wanted to try the stockings and suspenders thing for ages but deliberatly didnt because i knew people would kick off lol, good on you xx

  2. i say just go for it charlie, its fun to try out and they dont look to bad! the idea will get spread a long the line anyway :) pleaseeee do a post on it!!!xxx

  3. i actually really like your blog and the stockings work reaaly well they're very quirky

  4. Love these shots :-) Everyone likes a bath party!

  5. you're such a beaut! I love the last picture, so pretty.
    & stockings look great on you, don't worry about what other people might say. I don't!



  6. love this... LOVE how these are all MINEEEEEEEE
    but its ok
    becuase im now going to eat your rabbit ha ha
    LOVE YOU xxxx


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