Friday, 19 February 2010

You've Got The Love..

I'm being rather good and doing as many posts
as i can at the mo :) Feel proud followers :). So.
Mum gave me a bit of money and i thought i
don't really have many hair accesories so i
popped into Claires Accessories and got this
wooden flower clip/grip for £3! I thought it
looked quite cute so i thought why not?
I pulled my hair back with the clip,
leaving my slightly back-brushed fringe
hanging out to the side like usual :).
What do you all think of it?
I have yet again spent another day, lounging
around with my friend watching Anchorman,
Cat in the Hat AND Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
It was great! And tommorrow im going out to meet my
best friends boyf :). YAY.
I thought i'd also include this picture of my uncles
new puppy, Blade (the white one) and his older dog
Bono. They are both Golden retrievers! :')
They are so much fun and Blade is a cutey!!

Also, a few posts ago, i showed you all some pictures for
the festival shoot i did. It has FINALLY been made into a
magazine as a university project. It amazed me how the
group did it but YAY. They sent me a copy of the final
product :). The outfit below is an outfit which would be
suitable for the festival T4 on the beach.

Love&&Peace Followers...
From now on, im going to put a song im
loving at the moment so you can all see
what music im into :)
Calvin Harris- You Used To Hold Me
Muse-Plug in Baby.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Today i thought i would have a pjama day with my friend
so i thought i'd give a quick update.
My pjamas (my sisters) are from Topman and are incredibly
comfortable, i recommend you all go and get some :).
They sell LOADS really funny pjamas. The hoody
is just a simple navy nike hoody which you can buy from
any sports shop. :) I have also been decorating my walls
recently with pictures from vogue and harpers bazaar. So
i'm slowly making my way through the 370 page fashion
magazine. What do you all think so far? It does look a bit
crowded but im hoping when its complete, it will look more
Tinie Tempah-Pass out (TUUUUNE)

Monday, 15 February 2010

fresh start..

Hey :) sorry i havent done an outfit post in so
long, work is getting the better of me! I ran
around the house trying to find a coat for
todays shoot and wow i found one :).
So in this outfit post, im wearing my topshop
hook up crop top with some OLD jane norman
half cuts. The belt is from M&S (mans section)
but you can get them anywhere these days :).
The cream full length cardi is from H&M and
is my sisters but SHH i havent got it :).
Finally we get to the coat. The coat is my step-
dads vintage leather coat and its a bit too
big but with adjustments looks really cool.
It's also REALLY toasty :). im not quite
sure where its from :S.
So... No valentine. This indicates a fresh start i think.
After a stressful and very confusing week, life hands
me my half term :) YAY. A week of pure fun with no
worries whatsoever. My half term started with a girly
sleepover with one of my best friends Alice. We had
lots of food (as you can see) and we watched saw 2
with our face masks on. No better way to relax on
valentines day :)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Break-up week.

sorry i havent done any posts in like two
weeks. Busy with work and im getting my
camera cable back tommorrow so i will be ON
IT on monday :). half term coming up and it is
gonig to be great after this rubbish stressful

Spending valentines day with the girlies as i
have no valentine ( :( ) and think now its just going
to be one wild wacky week having a good old
laugh with the girls so expect lots and lots of
pictures! We all need a cheer up as there have
been over 5 break-ups in my friendship group
this week leaving me and my friends just
wanting to go have some girly fun and SHOP!

The best way and the way i am doing it, is on
valentines day have a mate stay round for the
night, chuck on a few movies with plenty of
food and face masks. Its soo much better
than going out and being all cold!!!!!!

How has everyone been?


I earlier recieved a text from my sister
saying alexander mcqueen had died. How
tragic and sad for his family and himself.

R.I.P Alexander McQueen.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


This week, well yesterday and the weekend, has
had its ups and downs swaying from issues
with family to issues with work. But finally,
now its tuesday, im starting to lighten up a bit
with the help of rory and my lovely friends.

I said id do an outfit post and im sorry i havent
done one in so long! its been mega busy in the

In these pictures, im wearing a grey new look
tee which i shredded to bits! i cut the sides off
and the sleeves. Bless it :'). This is combined with
a floral pattern boob tube used as a body-con skirt.
YES. its from zara :) i love zara!!! Im also wearing my
newly purchased dotted pattern tights from Topshop
then yesterday, me being me, i ripped them and today
i thought ahhhh bugger it, lets go crazy :) so i carried on
ripping :). The accessories; the clock necklace was a birthday
present from Angela and the ring is from my lovely sister
Samantha. I am also wearing my links bracelet (YAY),
three charms so far :) and my boyfs bracelet. :)
AND a big blue bow which is my sisters and i do not
know where it came from :) helpful i know :)
Any thoughts on this outfit?



P.S. check out this blog its my sisters sammy's
and its just started up. Seriously, check it out.
you'll regret it if you dont!!!!