Thursday, 11 February 2010

Break-up week.

sorry i havent done any posts in like two
weeks. Busy with work and im getting my
camera cable back tommorrow so i will be ON
IT on monday :). half term coming up and it is
gonig to be great after this rubbish stressful

Spending valentines day with the girlies as i
have no valentine ( :( ) and think now its just going
to be one wild wacky week having a good old
laugh with the girls so expect lots and lots of
pictures! We all need a cheer up as there have
been over 5 break-ups in my friendship group
this week leaving me and my friends just
wanting to go have some girly fun and SHOP!

The best way and the way i am doing it, is on
valentines day have a mate stay round for the
night, chuck on a few movies with plenty of
food and face masks. Its soo much better
than going out and being all cold!!!!!!

How has everyone been?


I earlier recieved a text from my sister
saying alexander mcqueen had died. How
tragic and sad for his family and himself.

R.I.P Alexander McQueen.


  1. its so sad i pretty much cried, if you read the articles.

    do a post, take some of your fashion photos from facebook :P

  2. awwww hope you had fun :)
    I just had a break up too, a week before v day... SUCKSSSS.

    I agree with Sammy - take photos from facebook and do a big ol' outfit post haha x




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