Friday, 19 February 2010

You've Got The Love..

I'm being rather good and doing as many posts
as i can at the mo :) Feel proud followers :). So.
Mum gave me a bit of money and i thought i
don't really have many hair accesories so i
popped into Claires Accessories and got this
wooden flower clip/grip for £3! I thought it
looked quite cute so i thought why not?
I pulled my hair back with the clip,
leaving my slightly back-brushed fringe
hanging out to the side like usual :).
What do you all think of it?
I have yet again spent another day, lounging
around with my friend watching Anchorman,
Cat in the Hat AND Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
It was great! And tommorrow im going out to meet my
best friends boyf :). YAY.
I thought i'd also include this picture of my uncles
new puppy, Blade (the white one) and his older dog
Bono. They are both Golden retrievers! :')
They are so much fun and Blade is a cutey!!

Also, a few posts ago, i showed you all some pictures for
the festival shoot i did. It has FINALLY been made into a
magazine as a university project. It amazed me how the
group did it but YAY. They sent me a copy of the final
product :). The outfit below is an outfit which would be
suitable for the festival T4 on the beach.

Love&&Peace Followers...
From now on, im going to put a song im
loving at the moment so you can all see
what music im into :)
Calvin Harris- You Used To Hold Me
Muse-Plug in Baby.


  1. Oooooo a lot of things to say!

    1. Omg that puppy is SO CUTE! im in loveeeee ♥

    2. Wow, you look amazing in the magazine article! Thats an amazing festival look, and your such a beautiful model you fit right in!

    3. Muse - Plug in baby ♥


  2. That puppy is ridiculously cute!

    Wish my Mum would randomly give me money to buy nice things with..

    Cool blog :)

  3. Love the picture from the shoot :)
    And i have SO many of those clips! They are called my 'lazy day clips' when i cant be bothered to straighten or anything :)
    follow me?? xox


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