Monday, 15 February 2010

fresh start..

Hey :) sorry i havent done an outfit post in so
long, work is getting the better of me! I ran
around the house trying to find a coat for
todays shoot and wow i found one :).
So in this outfit post, im wearing my topshop
hook up crop top with some OLD jane norman
half cuts. The belt is from M&S (mans section)
but you can get them anywhere these days :).
The cream full length cardi is from H&M and
is my sisters but SHH i havent got it :).
Finally we get to the coat. The coat is my step-
dads vintage leather coat and its a bit too
big but with adjustments looks really cool.
It's also REALLY toasty :). im not quite
sure where its from :S.
So... No valentine. This indicates a fresh start i think.
After a stressful and very confusing week, life hands
me my half term :) YAY. A week of pure fun with no
worries whatsoever. My half term started with a girly
sleepover with one of my best friends Alice. We had
lots of food (as you can see) and we watched saw 2
with our face masks on. No better way to relax on
valentines day :)


  1. aaaaa love it!! i been waiting for you to do a new post! u look gorgeous such good outfits!!

    i updated mine today check it out :)

    love u xxxxx

  2. love this outfit - and that crop top always looks amazing on you & your totally flat stomach... bitch... :)




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