Monday, 1 March 2010

A kiss with a fist is better than none...

What a week :) You know, one of them in
general pretty good weeks. Ive discovered
a lot in this week. I have a crush on the young
Matthew Broderick (Ferris Beullers Day Off),
im amazing at making cupcakes and topshop
just wants my money. ALL THE TIME!.
Mum took me shopping on friday night which
was lovely and dad took me out to maidstone
the next day. Dad got me the Florence and the
Machine album which i cannot stop listeningt to,
definatly a GOOD buy!
So, back to the clothes, Im wearing all my new
purchases in these pictures.
The top picture is of my new album, thanks to
papa :)
I got a new sweatshirt from topshop which i love!
its warm and cosy and extremely cool :)
Also, i got a grey elasticated high waisted skirt.
In all fairness i did need one! Everyone needs a high
waisted skirt! (The crop top is also from topshop, but
it was bought quite a while ago) I have paired this outfit
with some cracked painted wellies which was my art
project in year 9 but i couldnt be bothered to finish it.
good olll art eyy?
And last of all, im wearing my new navy bluev lycra dress.
Yes, its a bit short but i love the bows at the back, its really
comfortable aswell which is always good!
I meann....who doesnt? (;
Example-won't go quietly
kesha-blah blah blag
Florence and the Machine-Kiss with a fist
- Dogs days are over
- You got the love
and the rest!!!


  1. omg you got that horse jumper ive wanted for ages :| i hate you.

    i got the green/navy one which is so cute, but i did really want that one! love it!

    has sammi told you about a poss photoshoot with me/hannah/sammi we want you to maybe get involved?



  2. ive heard nothing about this photoshoot?


  3. ive added you on fb i think accept me and we can talk on there will be easier! and we only just started a convo on it lol so she might not have told you yet! xx

  4. Ohhhh that's the horse jumper I want! SO JEALOUS! I posted it on my blog ages ago with the hope of actually buying it soon, but still can't afford it... *cries*
    You're so lucky!



  5. oeeh nice stuff,
    i like your wall on the last page.
    share some links?


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