Monday, 8 March 2010

'im allowed to be a manwhore' pft. you blew it.

have you ever met an absolute idiot who
you can honestly wish never walked into
your life? i think we all have at some point,

but hey :)
still smilinn'. silly boys eh.
well onto some good news....

My big sister sammy is hommee! YAY
GOOOOOOD TIMESSS :) ( her blog is 'Living-in-
Sin') and she has brought back clothes so we are
planning to do a joint shoot hopefully later on
tonight. IF we can get some batteries for my
camera and IF we can steal my mothers laptop
to edit the pictures and uploaddd!!! so keep an eye
out on her and my blog.
This is very random, but i had a really good day
today with my friends at school, havent honestly
laughed that much in aaaaages :')
I love my friends a lot a lot a lot.



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  1. There are plenty of stupid boys out there aha, that's why I am glad I am single! xxx


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