Monday, 21 December 2009

Birthdayyy Bum

This outfit is very american prep && sweet which was
the look i was aiming for...
This knitwear pull-over was a present from my
sister, big chunky knits are soo this season. The black high
waisters that i am wearing have big black buttons which i
LOVE, with my home made tights which i also absolutely LOVE
and can be worn with almost anything. I am yet again wearing
THE worker boots. They are just TOO cool for words.

Okayy on a different note... my hair! i have choosen a very 1990's
school girls look. I have used a thin elastic hair band to tie just
my fringe into a ponytail, letting the rest of my hair down and
back brushed. Ooo soo very 90's!


  1. them ripped tights are awsome! i did some myself with more ladders but they are too holey to wear now!
    love the necklace too, gotta love a bit of gold!
    you have great style! <3

  2. love your style, your hair is amazing, how do you get it like that?? ♥ it xxxx


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