Monday, 28 December 2009

Darkness,frills..... and the shoes.

I wasn't quite sure what to do for an outfit
today and personally, i think its a bit boring
but still quite edgy. I thought Lace & Dark
for my outfit so im wearing Mummy's
black vintage lace top combined with a H&M
purple frilled skirt (GOTTA LOVE IT) and a
green and navy blue chequered primark blazer.
We did hack away at the sleeves of this cute
blazer but they are now only half length
which looks a lot more stylish & rugged
giving a 'laid back' look. I am also wearing
some worker boots from river island, (yes
quite pricey but a must have) teamed with
some Next black lace patterned socks which
i found in the sale for only £4.
Let me know what you all think :).
Love && Peace x <3


  1. Love this! Love the mix of textures & the dark shades go together so well :)

    Hannah xx

  2. hey. i have that skirt in grey and in black. h&m...yes! great minds think alike!

    love frassy xxx


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