Monday, 21 December 2009

My First Post...

I really like this outfit as its simple yet effective and edgy,
even though it was blooooody cold!
This blazer is from Primark ladies :) but the sleeves have
had the chop, now adapted to roll up 3/4 length's. The
lace bodice is again from Primark at a bargain price of only
£4!!! This gorgeous silk netted skirt is from H&M, teamed
up with rolled down black socks and the cheap copy of YSL (R.I.P)
cage look £20!
Most of these gorgeous clothes belong to my lovely jubbly
sister, Samantha. All my friends adored this outfit as it
was something that they could replicate.

This is my first post about the outfit i wore to my best friends 16th, my elderr samantha helped me choose this outfit with her AMAZZIIING fashion ideas however my mother did not approve...

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  1. you look gorgeous, this outfit and so glam! i love it <3


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