Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bacon Rasherss :)

Tonight I'm staying round my friends house,
Ashleigh, so i'd thought maybe to make this
post a bit different for all you'sss, so i'd do an
extra long blog of my style on moi &&
Asherrs :).

Right, so for my outfit, i'm wearing my
daddy's old work shirt from next and a high
waisted denim skirt (Ash's). I am also
wearing my lace black socks from the boxing
day Next sale with my beloved, gorgeous
worker boots. My hair is yet again back brushed
and matted so i will have to spent some time
de-knotting tonight ladiesss && gents.

The other person in these pictures is my
friend Ashleigh. She is quite tall and has
good curves so i wanted an outfit that
would compliment her figure and her legs.
Whilst rummaging through her over-loaded
closet, i came across this rock styled beaded
tee from river island. I also found a 'simple &
sweet' striped skirt from Topshop and thought
she could rock this combo. The black flower
patterened tights are also from the one & only
Topshop joined with my size 5 worker boots. I
thank her for squeezing into them as she is a size
8! I gently back brushed her hair and tied her fringe
back. She rocked this combination. Leave a comment
and let me know what you think of both, mine and
ashleigh;s outfits :)

Love && Peace xx

1 comment:

  1. LOVE both these outfits :)
    Christie you're so clever!
    you both look beautiful xx


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