Wednesday, 6 January 2010


HELLO EVERYONEE!!! :) sorry i havent posted anything this week, ive been up to my neck in coursework!!! i shall update very soon though, so keep coming back and checking!

The snow has been very on and off these past two weeks but today, i got sent home at ten because there was too much of it! LUCKY ME! so im off to go sledging with my friend and to make a snowman.
Im finding it quite hard to find an outfit thats edgy and cool yet really cosy and warm, (sure ill find something) ill take some pictures of today's outfit, and now i have some time today, and upload them as soon as i can. :)

i have also been featured on the London--Rose blog this week after doing some modelling for my sisters friend Hannah, so check it out, shes done some AMAZINGG work :)

Love&&Peace...and just a little bit of snow., it makes us all that little bit more happier dont you think?



  1. thank you sooo much for modelling for me! you were amazing, and there's 44 comments all saying how beautiful you are lol! everyone's fave photos are of the whole lot are either you on the bed or you outside :)
    you haveeee to make it in the modelling industry! you're perfect for it! x


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