Friday, 22 January 2010

Faux fur? YES PLEASE!

Ive found this goregous coat off the internet and im
thinking im going to need one! i love love love love it!
I need to go on a major shopping trip :).
Im a bit peed off with boys at the moment and im
trying so hard to something fun with the girlies, so
...most of them have agreed to do a shoot for me when
i can get Photoshop downloaded (to give it a vintage stained
efect). I will use them all and dress them myself and do their
hair, make up and decide on certain poses and where the
shoot is going to be. So look out for it, im hoping to get it
done within two months depending on my workload ;)
Let me know what you think of the coat. purchase? or no
purchase? HELP!
Love && Peace


  1. Deffo buy the coat its awesome! Btw I've tagged you on my blog if your interested.

  2. love the coat - buyyy it! but then again that's coming from the faux fur whore :)
    i think i need to stop buying it... 7 faux fur coats is a little much!

    & the photoshoot sounds amazing! hurry up and do it haha x

    ♥ Hannah



  3. I just got a brown fur coat from a charity shop just down the street from me for £20, its a bit big, like a size 14, but i love it!
    I'm trying to build up the confidence to wear it out though!

  4. Purchase definitely this coat is so awesome.
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    From Dolly

  5. I can never believe what great things people find on the internet, I can never find anything!

    Just want to let you know also that I have a £25 Topshop voucher giveaway on my blog!


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