Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sex Pistols :)

YAY i've found my camera lead therefore i can finally
live again :). I did a shoot last night for my sister and her
uni friends and ooo it was FUN! i might be uploading a few
when i can my hands on 'em so watch out :).
These were taken when my camera lead came back
to my possession and after the shoot at about half 11.
I was tired and the outfit isn't amazing but its still
something to put up, and i am currently in LOVE with
this top. I know this might sound a bit strange but
its my stepdad's old sex pistols shirt and he gave me it
so i thought i would make great use of it. I am also
wearing a pair of shimmered stockings..gotta love it.
I know its not winter wear but i thought that it would
be quite cool to wear in the summer. OH YES. i am
preparing early this year girlies!
Let me know what you think of the stockings look...


    love your room as well :)
    thank you for your lovely comment the other day it was so nice xoxooxox

  2. thats okay :) my room is finall a bit cleaner! and i love my bed! ikea rules!
    thats okay, im about to take a look at your blog again in a mo!
    watch out for a comment from me :)

    Love&& Peace


  3. LOVE this look Christie - definitleyyy something I would wear, especially with the stockings haha :)
    Thanks for the super sweet comments you left on my blog - just saw those comments by the two bitches lol and was amazed at how supportive everyone else was, including you. made me feel tonnessss better so thanks!
    Can't wait to see the pics from Sam's shoot - she only showed me one but you look amazing in it, as usual!
    Much love,
    x Hannah

  4. Love this 'outfit' and I love that the t-shirt was handed down to you.

  5. Awsome tshirt, I love the sex pistols! x


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