Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What A Week AYE?!

Hey everyone! thought that today would be a longg post :)
Hope you don't mind!
Okay, so to start my week, I had my blooming Science
module and i had another one today! FAIL! AND,
i've been quite ill with a lump in my throat and swollen
glands so when i had escaped the exam room, i went
straight home and into bed (with THREE DUVETS).
Not a good start! BUT, on monday, i went to do a photo
shoot for my elder sister Sammy @ Wehearttoastparties
and her uni friend, Abbie. They dressed me up and i was
their doll for the night. i've put up a few pictures because
i do like the outfits so much! And all the clothes that i
modelled were gorgeous. So jealous!!! It's being made into
a magazine called Nylon (their uni project) and im getting a
copy from the group as a thankyou :)
The theme was Festivals so eash outfit represents a different
festival and the one were i was holding a 40 was me celebrating
the 40 year anniversary of the V-fest! (i think)
Let me know what you think of the outfits and which one is your favourite
and i will let Sam && Abbie know.

p.s. (im sorry i dont know how to do links yet!)


  1. me and abbie are genius!! lol
    u look stunning as usual! thank you so much bubs! :)

  2. i wish i looked that good at festivals!

    love the third outfit :)


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