Friday, 15 January 2010

Snow days!!! and centerparcs! :)

This picture i JUST found from our girly trip to
centerparcs, its quite random to put it in with a snow
day post but i just HAD to put it in!!!
We went for a nice bike ride around the woods
and as per usual, mum wanted to take some
pictures. This picture is of me and my big sister,
Laura or as we call her.. Lau. I wore my
Primark knitwear cardi with a nice warm
grey M&S hoodie. I am also wearing some
denim frayed shorts (they cant be seen in
this picture! sorry!) with some brown/grey
tight paired up with some plimsolls. For my
hair, i just back brushed it a little once i had
washed it and put a gold chain hairband
around where my hair line starts. ( A little
hip you might think, but i think its still
quite cool). Centerparcs is GREAT! cant
wait to go back there in the summer!
ThE second part to this post is all about
the SNOWW! :')

SNOW! finally, ive managed to find SOME
pictures to upload! i still cant find my camera
lead. SORRY GUYS! so i'll have to get a new
Okay, so in the first picture, (im on the
left) i'm with one of my best friends Ash. She
has been my clothes model for a previous
post if you recognise her :). I am
wearing the river island panda
hat and my boyfriends osaka hoody
(WARM!)This was for a 'end of mocks'
party at a mates house and it started to
heavily snow outside at about midnight,
so we all went out to enjoy it!
In the other pictures, I am with my friend Alice &&
her little sister and her best friend. This was on
a snow day as we only had 50 minutes of school!
What a joke ehh?!
We found a..very steep hill and went sledging down it.
FUN STUFF!!! In these pictures, I am wearing
my new look watermelon coloured coat with
plenty of layering with my blue skinny
jeans ( a bit too skinny, dont you think?)
and my beloved worker boots. They are perfect
for this weather too! So for my dad, all in all
it was a great purchase!
Let me know what you all think!


  1. Aah I do live a bit of center parcs! I've had some great times there.
    Mainly going down the rapids about 20 times in a row!

    I've nominated you for an award on my blog :-)

  2. hey hun... i have got the photos of the model shoot today on my laptop and can email u them asap?
    night love u xxxxx

  3. You and your sister actually look like twins haha! Lovely pictures, :) xx


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