Tuesday, 22 December 2009


So ladies && gents, today i thought i would focus on my
hair. i have very quickly just pulled it back and used one
of them big spider clips to keep it all there. I messed it up
as you all know, i HATE prim && proper!!!. The hair style
took me only minutes so all you lovely ladies can do it too!
the hair band was a scarf that i hacked at and just tied it
lightly around my head. Would you believe i got this from
a charity shop for the amazing price of only 50p!? AMAZINGG!

Apologies to all of my viewers! I've had a powercut and
taking pictures of my outfit was impossible as the camera
is with my mother at work.. Don't worry though, i will keep
you all updated with my outfits and will do an extra long post
for todays outfit. Love && Peace.


  1. Admiring Your Hair as Always. Miss Fashion Icon :) <3

  2. love this, so pretty! :)
    just wonderinggg will you & sam be able to do some modelling for me sometime this week? for my styling portfolio (& blog)? may need to use both your clothes and styling expertise too lol <3


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